After more than 10 years with the D21, Nissan unveiled the similar sized D It was replaced with the bigger, taller, longer D40 mid-size pickup. InNissan released its successor, the D23, for international markets other than Canada and the U. The Navara gets its name from the Navarre region of northern Spain. The European version is built at the Nissan factory in Barcelona. Unlike previous generations, this model was available worldwide in two body styles.

The "A" body was designed in Japan, and was available in single or dual cab variants, while the "S" body King Cab was designed in the United States, at Nissan's styling studios in San Diego, California. In a few countries, such as Australia, both versions were sold.

This was also assembled in Greece for the local market, where it was marketed as the Nissan Pickup and King Cab. The D22 is a compact size pick up truck manufactured from to However, Nissan continued to build the D22 as a cheaper alternative to the D40 in many markets. Design of an updated D22 was eventually given to NDI in The body types on offer were a single cab, King Cab, and lastly a Crew Cab which was introduced in US production in Tennessee started in with a Single cab and a King cab.

A four-door version of the D22 was designed and developed during —, being first produced in April and launched in May in the US as the Frontier Crew Cab. Ina special edition was offered.

Nissan called it the Desert Runner. It had a king cab base but on the 4X4 frame which gave it a boost in ride height, bigger tires and a 4- or 5-speed 2WD drivetrain.

In February at the Chicago Auto Show, Nissan introduced a facelifted D22 Frontier forwith bolder styling in an effort to make it more appealing to younger buyers in its second generation. The D22 Frontier was completely redone after the model year, which later resulted in the discontinuation of the regular cab model. Other body changes included built in fender flares and tailgates. The D22s badged as "Frontier" had different grille, tailgate details and interior in contrast to the D22s badged as "Navara".

The D22 was no longer sold in Japan after Due to incompatible taxation rules and plummeting popularity of pickup trucks in Japan, Nissan discontinued it in their home market with no replacement afterwards, a fate shared by many of its competitors there.

It is equipped with a 2. Market introduction started in September For the Australian market, the D22 Navara ran as a series 1 from the end of the D21 untilwhen a series 2 was released with a new ZD30 Diesel engine and updated front end. The ZD30 powered D22's were exceptionally reliable unlike the Patrol counterparts, but were replaced in with an upgraded Common Rail 2.See Autopedia's comprehensive Nissan Navara Review. Certain vehicles come in different trim levels or body styles.

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Add pictures wherever applicable and keep information in a third-person point of view. Please make sure to keep critiques in a third-person point of view. If using criticisms from a reputable automotive source, then please make sure to cite the quote. North America has their own version of the Navara called the Frontier. Refer to any pop-culture tidbits about the vehicle in this section. List out notable awards that the model has recieved while in production.

Boldface the company or organization that gives out the award, and Italicize the name of the award. Renault - Nissan Alliance. Please include any external sites that were used in collaborating this data, including manufacturer sites, in this section. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].The Datsun Truck is a compact pickup truck made by Nissan in Japan from through It was originally sold under the Datsun brand, but this was switched to Nissan in It was replaced in by the Frontier and Navara.

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In Japan, it was sold only in Nissan Bluebird Store locations. A series of small trucks based on their passenger car counterparts, the 14T15Tand 17Tcontinued to be built until early In the took over, followed by next year's Datsun In the appeared, which was succeeded two years later by the This was built until the introduction of the all new series truck. The Datsun was a load carrying bodystyle version of the Datsun sedan seriesand was introduced in January as the latest Datsun truck with up-to-date styling.

Delivery van, panel van onlyand double cab versions were available. It was joined with a larger commercially focused vehicle called the Nissan Junior. During its six years in production six main models were built: Jan. For reasons unknown, Nissan skipped the designation. After the introduction of the re-engined series truck, a modernized low-cost option, the Datsun was introduced in October It continued to use the same bodywork and engine as thealthough with less chrome trim.

In November the type was introduced.

Nissan Navara

Largely unchanged in appearance from the series, which continued to be built as a cheaper version, it was produced from to During this time four models were produced: ——, and The chassis was based on the series sedans. The E engine was originally only used in models sold on the export market. Double cab and delivery van versions were available. Side badges were "Datsun " or "Datsun ". The also had a round "60 HP" badge.

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There was also a round badge on the dashboard that said "Datsun " or "Datsun ", depending on the engine. The had a revised chassis and suspension system.The Frontier and Pathfinder have a major flaw in that the transmission line that runs through the radiator to keep cool starts to leak antifreeze into the transmission.

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This destroys both the transmission and the radiator. Even if you have a power train warranty Nissan will not cover the cost of this because it is caused by the radiator, not the power train.

Most owners feel this should be a recall. Nissan denies this as it is not deemed a life threatening defect. Thanks for mentioning this and if a realistic source can be found it can be added to the article. J e n o v a 2030 June UTC. I think adding info about the Crew Cab-Long box- Long wheel base would be good.

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Nissan pickup truck Nissan Frontier del Upload media.Nissan Motor Co. The company sells its cars under the Nissan, Infinitiand Datsun brands with in-house performance tuning products labelled Nismo. The company traces its name to the Nissan zaibatsunow called Nissan Group. As ofRenault holds a InNissan was the largest car manufacturer in North America. Nissan is the world's largest electric vehicle EV manufacturer, with global sales of more thanall-electric vehicles as of April Inthe company produced its first car, called DAT.

The new car's model name was an acronym of the company's investors' surnames :. It was renamed to Kaishinsha Motorcar Co. DAT Motorcar Co. Beginning inthe first DAT trucks were produced for the military market. At the same time, Jitsuyo Jidosha Co.

Commercial operations were placed on hold during Japan's participation in World War Iand the company contributed to the war effort. From tothe company produced light cars and trucks under the name of Lila. Inthe company name was Nipponized to Jidosha-Seizo Co.

The name 'Nissan' originated during the s as an abbreviation [17] used on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for Ni hon San gyo. At this time Nissan controlled foundries and auto parts businesses, but Aikawa did not enter automobile manufacturing until The zaibatsu eventually grew to include 74 firms and became the fourth-largest in Japan during World War II. As Tobata Casting was a Nissan company, this was the beginning of Nissan's automobile manufacturing.

InAikawa separated the expanded automobile parts division of Tobata Casting and incorporated it as a new subsidiary, which he named Nissan Motor Co. Inconstruction of its Yokohama plant was completed. Inthe first car manufactured by an integrated assembly system rolled off the line at the Yokohama plant.

In November Nissan's headquarter was moved to Hsinkingthe capital of Manchukuo. This, along with Aikawa's visit to Detroit, was to greatly affect Nissan's future. Most of the machinery and processes originally came from the United States. When Nissan started to assemble larger vehicles under the "Nissan" brand inmuch of the design plans and plant facilities were supplied by the Graham-Paige Company. In David Halberstam 's book The ReckoningHalberstam states "In terms of technology, Gorham was the founder of the Nissan Motor Company" and that "young Nissan engineers who had never met him spoke of him as a god and could describe in detail his years at the company and his many inventions.

From Datsun began to build Austin 7s under license. This operation became the greatest success of Austin 's overseas licensing of its Seven and marked the beginning of Datsun's international success. InNissan entered into a legal agreement with Austin, [27] [28] for Nissan to assemble 2, Austins from imported partially assembled sets and sell them in Japan under the Austin trademark.

The agreement called for Nissan to make all Austin parts locally within three years, a goal Nissan met. Nissan produced and marketed Austins for seven years. The agreement also gave Nissan the rights to use Austin patents, which Nissan used in developing its own engines for its Datsun line of cars.Der Nissan Navara oder auch Nissan Frontier ist ein Pickupder seit von dem japanischen Automobilhersteller Nissanin der nunmehr vierten Version, produziert wird.

Nissan Frontier Double Cab — Deshalb teilen sich die beiden Fahrzeuge eine technische Basis und verwenden verschiedene Bauteile gemeinsam. Gegen Ende des Jahres erhielt der Navara eine leichte Modellpflege. Im Innenraum kommen neue Materialien und Stoffe zum Einsatz. Der 2,5-Liter-Dieselmotor wurde modifiziert und leistet nun kW PSbesitzt ein Drehmoment von Nm und verbraucht durchschnittlich 8,4 Liter Diesel auf Kilometer, weniger als das bisherige Modell.

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